This group’s core focuse is on developing software products using the highest technology and standards, sound internal HR management and ultimately customer satisfaction.SAT is using the country’s professionals and sometimes elite specialists to create a bright future for the AI ​​industry in the country.

The artifitial intellegence group (SAT) has been operating since 2015 in order to meet the engineering needs of artificial intelligence software, knowledge-based infrastructure development and security.

This group has more than 10 years of experience in software design, development and support and the mentioned platforms, and is among the companies with a well-known background in designing and developing artificial intelligence.

All SAT products have been manufactured and introduced for the first time in Iran and state of the art technologies have been used in the production, in accordance with international standards.

Another reason for the success of the SAT is having a highly experienced and efficient staff, graduated from Sharif University of Technology, Polytechnic University, Elm va Sanat University, etc … The company is growing in number due to the widespread acceptance of various organizations and companies for its products and services